day of the yellow jackets

bekah and emma came out to stay with us for a few days because the temperatures were going to be into the nineties and we have central air. all they have is a window unit in the living room.

bekah keeps all of their bathroom stuff in the half bath next to the guest bedroom at our house. i was working on the computer downstairs when i heard her telling emma that it was time to brush her teeth and comb her hair.

the next thing i heard was, “Mom!!!” and a door slammed shut. i rushed upstairs to see what was wrong. bekah announced that the bathroom was full of bees.

i opened the door and sure enough there were bees everywhere – all over the screen, on the floors and counters and flying around the room. emma was dancing around trying to get in to see the “bugs” while bekah tried to hold her back so she wouldn’t get stung. i slammed the door shut again.

what to do? where were they coming from? i decided to vacuum them up because i could not think of any other solution. i got the vacuum cleaner upstairs, attached the longest flexible tube we had and turned it on. trying not to think about my allergy to bees, i waded in to the fray. i vacuumed bees off the floor, the counter, the window while trying to avoid the ones flying around above my head.

of course emma was still trying to get into the room to help grandma and see the bugs. where on earth were they coming from? bekah was behind me peering into the room when she spotted one crawling out of a hole where the wall meets the ceiling. ” mom, mom, they’re coming out of that hole in the wall!”

great. i slammed the door shut again and ran down to the garage to get some tape. duct tape or masking tape? i decided masking tape would be easier. upstairs again, i grabbed the vacuum cleaner hose and vacuumed my way across the floor. i had to climb up on the toilet lid to vacuum up the bees – oops, up close they are now yellow jackets – as they crawl one at a time out of the hole. i slapped a piece of masking tape over the hole catching one in the process of escaping. rapidly i piled on more masking tape.

that took care of their entry but i still had a dozen or so flying around the room. waving the wand around the room and ducking diving insects, i chased them down one at a time. finally their was only one left but it was heading for the door. as we moved into the hall, it dove down and stung me on the arm. all i could think, was omg i am allergic.

i let out a piercing scream (bekah claims it was more than  one scream) and hit it. as i calmed down, bekah ran downstairs to look up the symptoms of anaphylactic shock. good and not so good – usually occurs between ten and twenty minutes but could take up to twenty hours. we waited. i checked for symptoms. i put baking soda and water on the spot. i wrapped some ice in a washrag and held it on the spot.

the ice probably would have helped but emma decided that she had been bitten on her arm and needed my ice. she walked around holding it on her arm while we decided that i was not going to die. then she ate the ice and proclaimed, “grandma is my hero!” i guess it was worth it after all.


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