life with a two year old girl

somewhere out there is a manual for two year olds. no parent has ever seen it, but every child gets a copy on their second birthday. emma got her copy, read it from cover to cover, and exclaimed, “oh, yeah, i can do that!” life with her has been interesting and different since that day. and a lot noisier.

yesterday she and bekah came out to visit grandma and pop-pop. she didn’t want to come. “no pop-pop, no grandma,” she proclaimed. bekah tried. “you love going to grandma’s house.” ” no grandma house,” the two year old said. “grandma house boring!”

boring? this is the place she gets to stand on a stool and help grandma cook. the place where the word ice cream causes her to race to the kitchen dragging pop-pop with her, grab her own spoon and return to the living room to sit on his lap sharing a bowl of ice cream. the place where the living room is full of her toys and all my stuff moves up shelf by shelf as she gets taller – and she is at the 98th percentile for height right now. soon every shelf will be emma’s shelf. grandma’s stuff will all be crammed on the top of the entertainment center where i need a ladder to reach. really? boring?

and where did she learn to speak demon? she sounds like something out of the exorcist as she lowers her voice and growls out her demands. right before she sidles over, grabs some fragile object and runs laughing like a maniac as we chase her down before she a) hurts herself or b) throws the object as hard as she can across the room breaking it into a million sharp pieces. grandma’s house might be boring but not while emma is visiting.


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