emmaroo gets a room of our own

when we bought this house, the sun room was one of the major attractions. finally, i would have a place for all of my house plants to live without scattering them in every room. at some point we added a couch and table as well as my grandmother’s treadle sewing machine. but the room still got very little use as it never became the cozy haven i had visualized when we moved in.

after nearly a year of working in two separate rooms (dining room and computer/sewing/fishing/library), bekah and i put together a work space for both of us in just one room of the house. one third of the room became a cozy little sitting area filled with plants and enough light to read by. my idea of the perfect setting and no television for distraction. but lots of dragons.


and one obnoxious cat claiming half the sofa and refusing to lay on the blanket provided for her comfort. (if she could read this she would be laughing evilly, knowing full well that the blanket is a vain attempt to keep cat hair off the furniture. hence the “who me?” look and the posture.


the rest of the room was ours. okay, grandma’s treadle sewing machine got some well deserved space. i grew up sewing on this machine and it still makes the best button holes ever.

we moved the sewing table – clear for the first time ever – and a desktop with shelving underneath into the room facing each other. added two six foot bookshelves and we were in business.


we live in portland, oregon so the sun does not shine every day. contrary to popular opinion, it does shine at least once every month. i looked it up and the statistics claim that it is cloudy 222 days of the year and rains 151 days. but the truth is that we only get 35 to 37 inches of rain per year and it seldom rains all day. we also get lots of sunbreaks. but even on cloudy days the sun room feels light and airy.

we now have the bright, clear, uncluttered workspace we always wanted. and we are inspired daily but the beautiful fabrics surrounding us. we couldn’t be happier with a room of our own.


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