We are a mother and daughter team in Portland, Oregon with a two year old daughter/granddaughter. EmmaRoo Designs started after Emma’s birth in May 2009. Bekah looked all over for a waterproof changing pad she could just fold up and throw in her purse when traveling. Nothing was available which really suited her needs so she said, “Mom, if i design this, can you make it?” Having made everything but jeans when she was growing up, I didn’t think it would be too difficult.

She designed the changing pad she wanted and we set out to find the materials. At Fabric Depot we found some beautiful laminated cotton for the outside and fun flannel for the inside. Bekah was so happy with the finished product that we decided we should go into business selling these and other products.

We design and sew everything ourselves and are always coming up with new ideas to add to our line. We now sell changing pads, bibs and sun hats as well as purses for the grownups. We have just started making rain hats using the laminated cotton and will have them available before the rainy season starts here in Portland.


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